Board Members

In order to get back on track as an active chapter with the national organization, we need chapter officers. Accordingly, (temporary) officers were elected from the core committee, with a term to run through December 2019 and a formal election to come in the new year (2020).

Chapter Officers until December 31, 2019

    • Co-directors: Jane Nowakowski and Nancy Paolini
    • Secretary: Jane Nowakowski
    • Treasurer: Donna Shanders
    • Communications: Nancy Paolini
    • Spiritual directors: Fr. John Testa & Msgr. Sam Siriani, ad hoc

County Representives (appointed this past January):

    • Monmouth County: Debbie Cornell
    • Burlington County: Fr. John Testa / Renee Hatzold
    • Mercer County: Nancy Paolini / Jane Nowakowski
    • Ocean County: Doris Ramme / Bobby Bank-Grove

This page last updated August 25, 2021.