About Us


For the National Association, the mission statement declares: “The National Association of Pastoral Musicians fosters the art of musical liturgy…”

At the local level, as a division of the national organization, our chapter fosters the art of musical liturgy by “supporting all music ministers as they seek to utilize their art to enhance worship and prayer throughout the Diocese of Trenton.”


The members of NPM Trenton serve the Catholic Church as musicians, clergy, liturgists, and other leaders of prayer.


The chapter is guided by a board elected from among the membership.


Our chapter strives to:

  • Provide mutual support for practicing parish musicians through improved repertoire, increased knowledge of the role of music in the liturgy, and practical helps for effective participation in parish liturgy planning.
  • Provide a forum for advocating musical excellence in liturgical celebrations.
  • Provide a vehicle for evaluating new and current musical selections.
  • Assist diocesan and parish efforts in improving the quality of and the interest in parish music.
  • Deepen the spiritual life of each pastoral musician.
  • Encourage social interaction among pastoral musicians.
  • Provide an educational forum on current issues affecting musical practice in the parish, both for the musicians and the clergy.
  • Improve the skills of every pastoral musician: musical, liturgical, pastoral, and leadership.


NPM Trenton is founded upon the following philosophy:

  • Pastoral Music is a unique art form that requires knowledge and skill in music, liturgy, planning, communication and a deep spirituality.
  • Education is a continual process. It begins with analysis of one’s own experience and then acts upon that analysis based on the experience of others and on formal principles.
  • Skill learning is essential to the roles of both musicians and clergy in all areas of ministry. It requires both repetition and evaluation by others.
  • In order to learn from one another, a level of respect and acceptance must be developed among the members of the chapter.
  • What happens at every liturgy in every parish is the concern of the Chapter; and each person whether volunteer musician or full-time professional, is important.
  • The clergy hold a unique place in the effectiveness of pastoral music. Pastoral musicians must, if they are to be successful, relate effectively with the presiding celebrant of the liturgy.

This page last updated October 15, 2019.